Life isn’t about accomplishing things… for those who aren’t getting as much done as they would like.

If I were to keep a list right now it would be miles long of all of the things that need to be done. Everything from weeding and planting in the garden, to putting laundry away, to changing sheets, and making food, to blog writing and office work. I have a two-month old baby. And of the short list of 3-4 things I would like to get done each day, I’m lucky if one gets checked off.

As I was standing in the garden the other day experiencing frustration at the realization that yet again I wasn’t going to get anything done, I thought to myself “you know what, the truth is I just can’t get that much done right now and I can either get mad about it or accept it.” As I stood there looking at the roses that needed clipping and the bolting lettuce plants growing in my yard I thought, “Life must not be about accomplishing things. I know this because I can’t get anything done —AND I’m growing new life.”

But this experience isn’t just for nursing mothers. How many times have each of us encountered a day in which you got done a fraction of what you wanted to accomplish or thought you could do? I would say that is quite common. It always takes longer to do things than we think.

And suddenly it occurred to me in a whole new way, “It’s really not about what we get done. The list of things to do in life is endless. Once one thing is done, another appears. It’s really about enjoying it as we go along.” As little or as much as you can get done in a day, if you do it with a conscious feeling of enjoying what you are doing— you experience happiness. Your days, minutes, moments are worthwhile, this living feeds you.

As I walked into the house to fetch my son who was just waking up from a nap, I felt happy. Once I let go of the notion of what I needed to accomplish in a day, I realized I felt quite fine about what I was doing. Actually, I loved it.

So, if you’re having or have ever had the experience of not accomplishing as much as you’d like, remember the goal in life is not how much you get done, it’s how much you enjoy it along the way. What you are able to do varies, and is often not as much as you think. But how you go about doing it, is completely in your control, and in fact choosing to enjoy it, will make your life worthwhile, whatever big or little amount you are able to do.

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Stay in the flow of vacation mode even after the vacation is over.

Like most people, I took a break over the holiday weekend from work.  For at least three days, but more like four I didn’t think about to do lists or things that I needed to get done.  I had a small list of accomplishments to make on Friday related to my husband’s birthday and then I spent the next 3 days relaxing.  I made crafts, visited with friends, went to parties.  When I started up again on Tuesday morning I was feeling lovely and refreshed and far far away from my work.

As I dug back in again I found myself filling up the piece of paper next to my computer with loads of notes about things I needed to get done.  Many of these items hadn’t even been on the list before, but now needed to be accomplished— and that’s not even mentioning the other projects I had been working on before the weekend.  That’s when I started to feel that familiar twinge of not quite panic, but definitely not repose set in.  As I felt my relaxed and easy vibe begin to fade, I was like, “Wait a minute!  I’m not going to let go of this feeling.”

I wasn’t willing to be taken over by that frenetic energy that tells me I’ve got to speed up now or else, I wanted to continue moving at the speed that was comfortable to me, moving effortlessly from one thing to the next at a pace that felt whole and natural.  Instead of panicking about what was on my list, I wanted to be able to trust that it would all get done.  I knew that I could continue to be in the flow and move through the items on my list in a natural and easy way—I had done it before.  That’s when I came up with my mantra.

Quietly I reminded myself, “There is more than enough time to get done everything I need to do.”

Just remembering that made all the difference.  It kicked me back into the place of moving from that flow—of putting my energy whole heartedly into whatever I

was doing at the moment and trusting that when this was finished the next thing would not only be obvious but also just as easily accomplished.  Try it.  Just say it to yourself.  “There is more than enough time to get done everything I need to

do.”  Doesn’t it feel great?  Go ahead say it again!  It totally changes your vibration doesn’t it?

So if your looking to keep your vacation vibe while getting back to work, but not only that, to keep your present focus, moving effortlessly from one item on your


list to another, try that mantra on for size because you know what, there is more than enough time for you to accomplish whatever you need to, and knowing so can make all the difference.

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Take Comfort in the Unkown

Often when I have a lot of things to figure out, or I feel as though I don’t know exactly how something is going to work out I remember my simple motto: the mysterious is full of hope and promise.  Time and again in my life I’ve seen that just because you don’t know how something is going to work out, doesn’t mean it’s not going to.  So instead of getting anxious about the fact that I don’t know how something is going to pan out, I remember instead how many times in my life things have worked out better than I could have ever imagined.  In many cases boons in which I hadn’t even thought of were part of the deal.  Take my husband for instance.  There are hundreds of things that I love about him which I won’t go into, but one of which I will.

He’s a nester.  We live in a house that he bought 12 years before we even met. When he bought this house and started making it the home we enjoy today, I was living in a hut in Senegal in the Peace Corps.  He spent years making it beautiful and soulful, all while I was off doing other things.  My man is the kind of person that does house and yard projects for fun.  If he had his druthers he would putz around the house and yard all day every day making cool things and spaces.

Thanks to him we have a spectacular garden, a beautifully landscaped yard, a scrumptious outdoor tub, a green house, a waterfall, a pond, nice shelves in our laundry room, pull out drawers in our cupboards, cool drying racks by our fireplace… I could go on and on.

Of course when I told the Universe I was looking for a true partner for me—someone who understood and valued me, and someone with whom I could have fun with and laugh often and easily—I didn’t even mention that I would like a super comfortable home filled with spirit and soul, and someone who cared about making it nice for us and our family.   I wasn’t even thinking of that.  But let me tell you, it suits me JUST FINE!

My point is this: on many many many occasions I have been surprised at the beautiful things the Universe has offered me—boons beyond my wildest imagination.  I remember this when I come to a place in my life when I am not sure how things are going to work out.  When I am making decisions about my career for example, or looking for the next best way to do something.  I take heart knowing that time and time again, the unknown has brought me beautiful and luscious things that were far beyond my limited scope or vision.  The unknown is not scary, rather, it’s full of rich promise and infinite possibility—you can count on it, I do.

Aimée Cartier is an intuitive, author, and speaker.  She is the author of Getting Answers, Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.  More about her and her work can be found at Spreading Blessings Media:

Claim your power to make positive change!

I spent some time with a friend lately who was making decisions from a really empowered place. Instead of looking at herself as the victim of a series of circumstances, she was taking charge of her life in a whole new way.

Her situation was this: her home was close to several companies that produce known carcinogens. Of course she didn’t know this a few years ago when she bought the house, but years later she was plagued night and day by the signs and smells from these companies. She spent months stewing about it, both recognizing the signs that she was breathing in toxic things, and worrying about it for her and her children, but also simultaneously coming down on herself for stewing in all of this negativity, and questioning whether she was creating it by all of this thinking about it. Then one day she woke up and realized that the truth and bottom-line for her: She didn’t feel safe in her own home. Whether the health detriments she saw in her children were related to these companies or not, these tortured thoughts were affecting her life in very real and negative ways. Do you know what she did? She made a decision to change it. She decided to move.

Suddenly, it became a no-brainer for her. She realized that even just the fact that it was eating her up at night was lifestyle choice she wasn’t willing to make anymore. She decided to choose something else. She decided to choose a reality where she wasn’t worrying about her children’s health. In a completely empowered way, instead of being the victim of her neighborhood circumstances, she decided to simply change her life circumstances by making the decision to move.

On the back of my business cards I have different blessings. One of them is “May you recognize your own power to bring about change in your life.” Another way of saying that is, “Claim your own power to make positive change in your life!” You can do it. Use my friend’s example. Your life is not about you being the victim of crappy circumstances, and if it currently is, then it’s up to you to change this. No one but you can do this. Look at the things that are not making you happy and then decide to choose something else. You are in charge. If you’re not happy in your home—move. If you are not happy in your job—get another. If you are not happy about certain relationships—change them. You are that powerful.

I’m not saying these things can happen over night. But I am saying that you do have the power to change them… you always have the power to change them. You might not find the perfect house to buy this summer, but you’re a lot farther away from it when you haven’t claimed your power to activate this change. You might not get a new job tomorrow, or even next week. But you’re certainly not going to get one if you don’t start looking. If something is making you unhappy in your life, decide to change it. In many cases, all it takes is your decision and then time. Use your power to change your life in positive ways—only good can come from it!

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68 seconds to a new reality!

I learned the other day that it takes 68 seconds of focus on something to activate that vibration in your body. Do this over a period of time, (a few hours or a days), and those thoughts become dominant thoughts, which then create your reality. Add this formula to my recent blog and create away!

Aimée Cartier is a professional psychic, author, and speaker. More about her and her work can be found at Spreading Blessings Media.

The divine has an interest in you. Remembering your own personal spiritual cheerleading squad.

What if you were watched by benevolent beings who have an interest in your well-being? What if you had unseen cheerleaders watching from the sidelines of your life celebrating your victories, spurring you on when you need a boost, and encouraging you to take the path that’s best for you?

Well you do.

I can’t really explain this, but I’ve always been connected with the unseen. I am not the only one to have this experience, though I do recognize that this very real connection with the unseen is also specific to me. I can feel them in a way that others sometimes can’t. However, although it is true that not everybody has this experience, I believe it is true that every single one of us does have our own cheering team. When I do readings, I work with the benevolent and unseen beings that help me in my work. They give me information. They talk to the benevolent beings that are helping to guide my client’s life. My peeps, as I like to say, talk to my clients peeps. In images, knowing, or words they pass on to me the information that I need to know to serve my client. They help me understand what my client needs to know in order to achieve their best and highest life. This is the information that I give to my client.

Whether in my personal life, or in my professional activities, I am always clear about connecting with those that are in line with the highest good. But even outside of my work, I often feel a whole cadre of beings watching me, cheering me on, rooting for me, sending their love and concern when I am confused, guiding me to the next best thing. For me, this connection to the unseen is almost as tangible as what I see in front of my eyes.

But here’s the deal. If you don’t feel this—it doesn’t matter. Anyone can do this lovely technique: just pretend. It’s one of the techniques that I often recommend to people, especially those who are worrying about something over which they have no control. “Pretend it has all worked out,” I council, because inevitably it will. You won’t be waiting forever to find out if you got the job etc. Tomorrow will come and eventually you will have your answer. And if you take an honest look at your life you see that even when one thing didn’t work out, another (likely better) opportunity always presented itself.

You can use that same technique here. If you don’t feel connected to your personal spiritual cheering team—if you can’t feel them or sense them like I can—just pretend you can.

Pretend that you have your own personal spiritual cheering squad that is just completely concerned with your needs. How does this make you feel? Good? Supported? Cared for? Loved? Exactly. Well you are.

You can take my word for it—or not. There are unseen beings who are interested in your life. They wish you well and want to see you continuously choose the highest and best for yourself. And if you’ve lost your way for a bit in remembering that, or never had the sense of it in the first place I suggest you just remember or “pretend.”

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Activate your long-term goals in a simple and easy manner.

Here’s the deal. I have several long-term goals but sometimes I forget to think about them. It’s true. Things are going along just fine in my life. I’m happy. I’m busy with my day-to-day things—I don’t worry about the future much. I trust it’s all happening wonderfully. I also don’t generally worry about whether or not things will happen later. I believe they will.

However, I do believe also that if I put a little attention on them, they would actually come faster. Instead of a year down the road, I think it is quite possible that with even just a few moments of thought each day, I could bring those experiences to me sooner. Focusing just a little bit of thought on them lets the Universe know that I’m serious about these goals, and that they are a priority for me.

I was talking about this with my husband yesterday. We have several long-term goals that we have identified—but I don’t think either of us really spends much time or effort thinking about them right now. I said, “Wouldn’t it be better and more powerful, if even for a second or two each day, each of us actually considered those goals?”

To keep it simple, I decided to start with just one goal. I identified the goal that I thought would give us the most bang for the buck—the one that when manifested would also fit nicely into several of our other long-term goals and life visions.

The next step was posting reminders. Because we don’t think about it very often, we need something to trigger our memory. Something that reminds us, hey, this is a good thing to think about while you’re standing there waiting for your toast to pop up. The bathroom mirror got one. My husband wanted one on his coffee grinder. I put up reminders around the house in places that we frequent with our goal written on them, and a posted note on each of our car steering wheels.

You can try this in several different ways.
• Post your question—like I recommend in my book—if you don’t know how to make it happen. For example, “Highest good, what is the best way for ________ to happen?”
• Post a question that implies the receiving of your goal—for example, “Why is it so easy for me to________ (insert goal)?
• Post a positive affirmation about the goal actually happening. “I am so grateful now that______.”
• Or post one of my favorite affirmation/prayers which I got from author Marc Allen: “In a relaxed and easy manner, in a healthy and positive way, in it’s own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I pray _____________ (goal). This or something better is manifesting now in totally harmonious ways for the highest good of all.”

It’s fun. It’s simple. The point isn’t to obsess about it, it’s really just to remember it in an easy way that is congruent with the ways that you are already enjoying and living your life. It can’t hurt you. But more likely than that—I believe it will bring your goal to you sooner than one that is sitting on the back burner hardly thought about.

Aimée Cartier is the author of Getting Answers, Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life. She is a professional intuitive and speaker and the founder of Spreading Blessings Media. More about her work can be found at